T20 Cricket Equipment: A Beginner’s Guide

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Cricket players require wickets, a bat, a ball, and defensive device to play the game.


The bowler hurls or “bowls” the ball annoying to take off the wicket’s bonds thus as to are reserved on top of the wickets. The wickets seem resembling a strike barrier among three posts or “stumps.” The stumps are concerning 2.5 feet elevated. These wickets are positioned 22 enclosures as of every new in an equivalent row. On top of the wicket, two “bonds” are located. These bonds are 4 5/16″ in by 2 1/8″. The bowler achieves a “wicket” while the bails are derived rancid the stumps. The wickets are jab if the bowler bangs behind among the bond or get rid of the stump as of the land.


Alike to baseball, cricket bats are ready of wood and contain a grip. Except that, they are totally dissimilar. The cricket bat has a extended rectangular sharp edge fond of to a grip that the excellent utilize to hit the ball as of the bowler and defend the wicket. Cricket bats are rectangle rancid in the cutting edge region and have a minor arc after the striking region for augmented power and rate. Bats are extended adequate elect hang under the waist with no hitting the land and dimension differ depending on the range of the batter.


The ball is alike in range and mass to a baseball mutually organism regarding nine inches in perimeter and weighing five ounces. More, cricket balls are ready of stopper and gash among cord, also. The ball is “bowled” as of the bowler, or pitcher, as he is annoying to bang the wickets and security to make positions pro his team. The batter force hit the ball and then attempt to achieve by organization backside and onward among the wickets to attain runs. Bowlers will run up and throw the ball as of a lot of dissimilar arm angles and rotates to puzzle the batter. The bowler run up is alike to a spike being bowl.

Protective Gear

While the bowler is capable to bowl a ball at over 90 MPH and the ball might exist bouncing off the ground among a few immoral English, the batter, similar to in baseball, requires a few defensive gears. Batting gloves seem further similar to hockey gloves as they are protecting the hands as of the bowled ball whilst the batter is vacillation the bat. Leg protectors are alike to a hockey goalie’s defensive leg padding’s as together are ready of bulky leather and complete to curve above the knees protecting the upper legs. The batter’s helmet is has a protective face enclose similar to softball players put on.

The batter and wicket custodian too put on protective pads on the forearms and shoulders alike to hockey players. A lot of online stores advertise the huge collection of cricket kit the similar method baseball, football, and hockey sites sell theirs.

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