How to Choose the Best Bike Lock for Your Budget

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Anyone who has recently purchased a brand new bike will be fully aware of the astronomical costs involved. Subsequently, the last thing you need is to park it in the middle of town, only to return and see that it has vanished into thin air. Fortunately, the bike lock market has developed significantly over recent years and there are now plenty of security options available. We’ll now take a look at some of the top choices, in a bid to hopefully keep your bike out of the wrong hands.


Shaped in the exact way that the name suggests, these are probably the most popular type of lock for cycle owners and arrive in both small and large sizes. They are an extremely secure option, as they’ll resist most tools that thieves use, like hammers and crowbars. This online cycling store provides a good selection of locks so it’s worth checking out. A good lock can cost anywhere from £15 to £30.

Cable locks

Cable locks aren’t usually as secure as U-Locks but they are extremely flexible and versatile. They allow you to lock your bike to almost anything since they are not formed out of a rigid material. They’re a lot cheaper than U-locks too and some bike shops throw in a free cable lock with bike purchases.

Chain locks

Chain locks fall somewhere in-between cable locks and U-locks. They have more strength than your standard cable lock and are much more flexible than U-Locks since they’re made of interlinking parts. Some come with a built-in padlock and others require you to purchase one separately. They also come in a few different thicknesses and it goes without saying that the thicker the links in your chain, the more resistant it is to tampering from would be thieves. Thicker chains are more resistant to hacksaws and chisels, too.


Even if you secure your bike well and you’re confident that there’s no way anyone can break your lock, you’re still at risk of having parts of your bike stolen. Nowadays thieves will risk stealing your seat and wheels as they can be sold on for decent amounts of money. If you’re living in an area where there’s a high crime rate and you often see just a wheel attached to a lamppost for example, then it’s worth investing in a skewer. Skewers will stop your seat or wheel from being released and they’re very easy to install, but do require a special tool to tighten.

Do your research

It’s always worth investing a little money towards security when you first purchase a bike. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that you should put aside at least £50 towards a good lock and skewer. Having said that, if you live in an area where crime is not very common, or if you rarely leave your bike in public places, then consider something like a chain lock. It’ll save you a lot of money while still keeping your bike secure in the process.

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